Iced coffee recipe ideas for a perfect summer

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How to make the perfect iced coffee and then jazz it up all summer long.

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It is hot outside, you're tired, sleepy and in need of both caffeine and refreshment. Only one thing will do - a cold iced coffee.

But if you'd rather not blow all your wages down the coffee shops this summer, making it at home is super simple and you can get quickly creative with flavours.

First things first, the coffee. Don't just pour hot coffee on ice. Oh no dear boy. To keep the coffee strong you need to go hipster and make some cold brew.

How to make cold brew coffee


  • Ground coffee
  • Cold water
  • French press coffee percolator


Add the ground coffee to the bottom of your coffee percolator as you would do normally.

Except this time you fill it with cold water, not hot.

Put the lid on the percolator, but leave the plunger up. Put in the fridge like that overnight.

In the morning, push down the plunger to get rid of the coffee grounds. And you are left with your silky strong cold coffee.

Now comes the fun bit.

For standard iced coffee, fill a glass with ice, pour the coffee over and add milk if you desire. But why be boring?

Iced coffee recipe ideas

  • To make it sweet, don't just add sugar - make up a simple sugar syrup by dissolving sugar in some hot water.

  • Make Asian style Kopi by switching out the milk for condensed milk. Make sure the coffee is super strong and you'll be flying.

  • Use coconut water following our recipe for a healthy iced coffee with a coconutty twist.

  • Cure a hangover with a peanut butter iced coffee by adding a teaspoon of smooth peanut butter and some sugar syrup.

  • Make an iced coffee float by dropping a big dollop of vanilla ice cream on top.

  • Stir in a big tablespoon of Nutella for a hazelnut chocolate twist.

  • Don't just use plain ice cubes - freeze flavoured cubes with vanilla or almond extract, or freeze fruits like raspberries into the cubes.

  • Add booze. Because everything tastes better with rum.

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