How to recover from getting divorced young

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With 42% of marriages failing, being divorced in your twenties or thirties is increasingly common. But how do you bounce back? We asked an expert.

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It's a sad fact that nearly half of all marriages end in divorce, and the majority of them fail within the first 10 years. Cheery.

Just look at Kim Kardashian's 72 day marriage, or Katy Perry's 14 months of not-so-wedded bliss. But if you find yourself getting divorced at a young age, it is not all doom and gloom.

"Unfortunately there is no magic wand to take all the pain away, despite how easy the celebrities make it look," explains leading divorce coach, Sara Davison. "You have the rest of your life in front of you so take some time to redesign your plans and create a life you want to live."

Here Sara shares her tips for picking yourself up and moving on...

How to get over a divorce and move forward

Take one day at a time

Some people feel they are standing at the bottom of a huge mountain and have to climb it in one step. There may be lots of changes and adjustments happening but it's important to take each day as it comes. Take small steps and don't put pressure on yourself to solve all the issues today.

Get a good team of people around you

This is especially important with a divorce as you will need good legal and also financial advisors to call on as and when you need them.

Think carefully about the friends and family you confide in and make sure they have your best interests at heart. Get a good Divorce Coach to help you navigate your journey. Find a good therapist if you feel this would benefit you too. You may find it useful to get an exercise partner as regular exercise will help you keep strong, even if it's just a brisk walk in the park.

Avoid negativity

Surround yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself. Avoid negative people as much as possible.

Plan your day so you are kept busy

If you are worried about being on your own in the evenings arrange to see friends or join a local club or gym.

Don't be afraid to cry

It is part of your healing process. Acknowledging the different negative emotions you are facing will help to de-intensify them.

Don't try to answer all the questions in your head at once

Some you will never be able to answer. Avoid spending time on questions such as "What's wrong with me?" or "What did I do wrong?" Instead ask yourself more positively focused questions such as "What can I do right now to help me through this?"

Make a 6 month plan

Plan what you can do in the next 6 months that couldn't have ever dreamed of doing if you were still married. This will give you some goals to aim for and look forward to.

Sara Davison is a leading divorce coach in the UK. For more advice or information visit,




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