Dating tips to stop social media ruining your love life

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How you are using Twitter and Instagram might be damaging your relationship or dating life. We tracked down a social media and dating expert to give us the low down.

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Stop doing that on social media immediately you hear? You know what. Because the way you use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the like can have an alarming effect on your love life.

We spoke to Liz Spornick, the social media manager at She lives in LA, spends way too much time on Instagram, and knows a lot about the social media behaviors that aren't doing you any favours in the dating department.

Social media mistakes that can ruin your love life

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Singing your boyfriend's praises online

You think you're being sweet when you update your Facebook status bragging about how wonderful your man is, but it might seriously freak him out.

It's best to keep these public shout-outs to a minimum and reserved for when they really matter. Taking care of you while you're sick or supporting you through a difficult time? Update away! Going on and on about how much you love him just because he opened your car door? Maybe pass on that one.

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No filter

It's a fine line to walk, but it's important to avoid falling over into 'over-sharer' territory.

The internet doesn't need to know your every single thought - and neither do the people you hope to date. For example, if a guy looks you up on Twitter before a first date and see's constant complaining, emotional outbursts, comments about your ex, and photos of your breakfast, he might think that nothing is off limits.

While we are all guilty of posting something silly or annoying from time to time, take a look at your social media accounts - are they a good representation of you? If not, get to deleting.

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Digital flirt-aholic

Social media in general is one big online dating site and if there's an app, chances are you can meet a guy on it.

Remember though, that with every comment you leave on a guy's photo, you're adding one more thing to your digital trail.

Sure, you're single, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with playing the digital field, but don't use social media solely to get a date, as it screams of desperation. Cultivate your streams to express the whole, fabulous person that you are.

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Mindless scrolling

Is this you? You wake up, roll over and no, you don't kiss your boyfriend, you grab your phone like a zombie, getting caught up on anything pressing (or absolutely non-pressing, lets be honest) that happened while you were asleep.

Hello! There is a hot man in the bed whom you're ignoring. Put the phone down and back away.

Social media is a great way to stay in touch with your inner circle, but sometimes you've just got to turn off the noise and devote all your attention to the person you're with, right now.

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