Why women should start being more selfish for a better life

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Why looking out for No.1 ultimately makes you a better person and strengthens your relationships. We'll show you how.

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Forget being nicer to people, the key to happiness is being more selfish, which will improve their relationships and their lives as a result.

It almost sound too good to be true. Can we really hog the TV remote, make our friends wait while we show up 40 minutes late, and eat an entire bag of Haribo without sharing - and get away with it? Well maybe.

"We need to change the idea of what it means to be selfish," says Olga Levancuka, author of new book How to be More Selfish (and other uncomfortable advice).

"Most women, including myself, do pretty much what we want nowadays - from the way we manage our careers, or relationships and our children - and there's the idea that somehow this makes us selfish." she adds.

"We should stop feeling guilty if we're more focused on ourselves than on other people," she adds.

Be selfish with… Your health

"This is perhaps the single most important area of your life where you want to go selfish selfish selfish!" says Olga.

"Stop following fad diets and spending countless amounts of hard earned cash on the next pill that promises to keep you healthy forever. Instead, learn what's best for you and your health. From the exercise you do to the food you eat, concentrate on your own needs. The healthier you are the more energy you can inject in your daily relationships - and the more people will want to be around you.

Be selfish with…Your body

Your body belongs to nobody but you, says Olga. The demands of your partner, children and society can change the relationship you with your body and your self esteem, but it's important to focus on how you define it.

"After all, your body is there with you for the rest of your life," says Olga. Be selfish by making your body the strongest most efficient body it can be - and work on really trying to love it for all it's capable of. If anyone tries to tell you otherwise, tell them to get lost.

Be selfish with… Your 'me'-time

"It is your responsibility to give yourself the minimum 'happy' time every day," says Olga. "Take a walk in a park on a way to your office, sing a song when cooking your evening meal or have your favourite cup of tea during your next break."

Learn to love your own company, Olga adds. Spend at least 30 minutes every day just with yourself and for yourself. Dont spend time with others just because you don't want to be alone - this devalues your friendships. There's no need to prove to others you are happy. If you are 'selfish' enough to enjoy your private life, we'll know you are happy.

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