The best sex positions for boosting your body confidence

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Show off your best bits and disguise your problem areas with these simple figure flattering positions for amazing sex.

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Once you've taken your bra off in the bedroom most men don't care if you have cellulite or a wobbly tummy. But even with this knowledge it doesn't stop us from feeling conscious of our bodies in the buff.

We've rounded up the best sex positions for showing off your best bits and disguising your body hang-ups...

Try the cowgirl sex position to display your boobs and hide your bum

If you are particularly proud of your boobs, show them off in the cowgirl position. He will be so taken with your bouncing bosom that he won't give damn about your problem bottom.

Reveal your bum and hide small boobs with the reverse cowgirl sex position

By straddling him with your back to his face, he gets an amazing view of the arch of your back, your bum and the curve of your waist. This is great for ladies who don't feel confident about small boobs or a wobbly stomach.

Doggy style will make your legs look toned and hide your stomach

By leaning forward onto your forearms in this position your stomach is completely disguised from view so you don't have to worry about sucking it in. When you extend your bum into the air the muscles in your legs are put under tension making them look longer and leaner.

Show off an hourglass figure and hide bingo wings with a spooning sex position

In this position he will be able to run his hands along the dip of your waist. Support your head with one arm and use your free arm to wrap around the back of his neck. This will add tension across your triceps and should reduce the appearance of bingo wings.

Focus on your upper body and hide your thighs with missionary

Don't underestimate the missionary position ladies because it's great for banishing anythigh-issues. Similarly, the Butterfly position is great for showing off a toned stomach and removing the focus from your legs. Lie on the bed with your bum on the edge so he can enter you from a standing position.

Standing sex positions will make you look more toned

Stand facing a wall with your arms raised above you and your palms flat. This position forces you to go up onto your tip toes, tense your bum, suck in your stomach and stretch your arms making every limb look leaner. It's great for showing yourself off during a quickie.

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