How to have the perfect kiss

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Apparently we are all doing kissing wrong.

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So you thought you were an ok kisser? Wrong. According to this kissing expert, we could all be doing better.

She's a relationship coach, intimacy expert and all round Kama Sutra philosopher, so it's no wonder Vena Ramphal has an opinion on the matter.

Here's her simple guide to a leg popping, stomach melting, heart fluttering kiss.

Kissing 101: 8 ways to achieve the perfect kiss

1. Relax your arms so they are by your sides. Don't cross them in front of you and don't fidget.

2. Just as he leans in to kiss you, lower your eyelids then look up into his eyes. Combine this with a killer flirting technique known as the 'eye flick' where you keep your eyes on his as he talks but 'flick' your eye-gaze down to his mouth at regular intervals, smiling subtly afterwards to register approval and a subliminal desire to kiss.

3. Let him put his arms around you before you hug him. This is a way of showing that he's in charge (even though you totally know what you're doing!) and boosting his ego, which is great for amping up passion.

4. Try 'The Drape' - A classic move where you rest your arms around his neck. It's easier than fumbling with your hands and sparking uncomfortable moments.

5. The 'S' curve - When he has his arms around you, put one foot in front of the other; tilt your torso backwards ever so slightly so that you lean into his arms. This will make him feel like he's supporting you. Keep your head tilted towards him so he knows you're not pulling away.

6. Open your mouth half way, not fully.

7. Move your tongue gently and slowly. Avoid fast and hard movements.

8. To finish, don't clamp your mouth shut as soon as its over. Close your mouth slowly, and make sure he sees you do that. If it was a good kiss close your mouth into a smile.



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