The Friday 5: Ways to spend this wintry weekend

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Prepare for spring this weekend as the Siberian weather strikes...


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With Kate Middleton embracing scout camp chic, we thought it would be apt to make our weekend motto "be prepared".

Add to this the bleak news that the UK is expected to be smothered by "significant snow", battered by strong winds and hit with heavy rain and it seems the most sensible way to spend this weekend would be cosied up at home in preparation for warmer weather.

Spring officially began on the night of 20/21 March, so sunny days are just around the corner (positive thinking people).

Be inspired by these weekend activities and you'll be all set to enjoy light nights and sparkling sunshine when the weather finally catches up...

1. Spring clean your home, diet and health: It may not look like it but spring has, in theory, arrived - so perhaps it's time for a good old clear out? Getting rid of clutter you don't need will make you feel amazing and you have the opportunity to earn a few pounds by selling unwanted belongings online. Happy home, happy bank balance, happy you!

You could also get yourself to the supermarket and buy some healthy, seasonal food that you know will make you feel good on the inside. If you start eating well now you will be much happier baring those limbs when the sun eventually shines. Wondering what to put in your trolley? These superstar superfoods would be great start.

Finally, wrap yourself up in cosiest woolies, don your wellies and step outside to brave the wintry weather. You will give your body a short, sharp, shock but we guarantee that in ten minutes of brisk walking the endorphins will kick in and you'll start to feel fabulous. Your body will reap all the benefits of exercise and you'll be bikini-ready before you can say spring has sprung!

2. Give yourself a pedicure: We know you haven't had to look at them for a while but it's only a matter of time before your feet will be on full display. Yes, your toes they have been curled up in comfy socks and smothered in boots all winter but it's no use letting the craggy cuticles and chipped nails continue. Dip your tootsies in a hot bath, snip those talons, smother your skin in the thickest moisturiser you can find and paint your nails the brightest, prettiest colour of polish you own; it's the equivalent of a sunshine rain dance. Millie Mackintosh's colour-pop pedi should give you all the inspiration you need here.

3. Enjoy spring flowers: You may not be able to see them buried under all the snow but spring is the time for the prettiest and freshest flowers. A bunch of daffodils or tulips will not cost the earth so why not buy yourself a bunch (or, even better, someone else) and enjoy the mood-boosting benefits of the brilliant blooms.

4. Sleep lots: When summer rolls around there will be parties, weddings, BBQs and celebrations aplenty. You already know that you'll be having too much fun to worry about those zzzz's so why not worry about them now? Sleep not only makes you feel better, boosts your mood and banishes the dreaded under-eye bags but it can also benefit your heart, weight, mind, and more. If you have problems sleeping take a peek at our guide to getting quality rest.

5. Curl up with a good book: Could there be any bigger pleasure in life than curling up in your favourite spot with a good book and a cuppa? Snow sodden weekends are just the time to say goodbye to reality and immerse yourself in your favourite fiction. Wondering what to read? Check out our round-up of 2013's cult reads here.

How do you get prepared for summer? Can you feel it slowly creeping closer?



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