10 signs it's time to break up with your boyfriend

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If you're experiencing any of these relationship warning signs you should probably consider breaking up with your boyfriend...

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You'd rather go to bed with a book than with him

If your sex life has gotten so boring that you prefer reading your book than seducing him in the bedroom, you might need to reassess your relationship.

His birthday seems like a chore

You know his birthday is next week, but you just can't be bothered to go and put the effort in to buy him an amazing gift. You used to clock every little thing he pointed out, but now you're bored.

You no longer find him attractive

If you have to ask yourself 'Do I find him attractive?', then you probably don't find him attractive. If these sort of questions are popping up six months down the line, you should probably consider the future of your relationship.

You would rather work late every night than go home

Is the heavy weight of a mountain of paperwork more appealing to you than your own man? If you're dreading seeing him rather than looking forward to it, this is a bad sign.

His calls or text don't make you smile any more

Remember the good old days when you would frantically check your phone to see if he'd text? Well, you should still feel all warm inside at seeing his name on your phone now.

You 'accidentally' kiss other men

That cheeky snog you had with the random guy from the bar might not have meant much, but it's a sign that you're not 100% happy in your relationship.

What's the point of shaving?

It's a jungle down there, but you just don't care about shaving. Looking hot for your man is all part of the fun but if it's become just another chore then you need to get out.

You stop planning for your future together

If you find yourself reminiscing about how much fun you used to have being single and going out every night with the girls, you might not be in the commitment kinda' place.

You're stalking your ex-boyfriend on Facebook

Do you find yourself looking at his pictures and wondering what might have been? If so, then it's time to be honest with yourself and admit that you wouldn't be doing this if you were truly happy.

You cringe when he says 'I love you'

Him saying, 'I love you,' is meant to make your heart melt like butter, but if this isn't happening then it's definitely time to put your relationship on ice.

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