Supermodel Miranda Kerr's best superfood secrets

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Pay attention, Miranda Kerr is here to transform your diet...

Miranda Kerr looks lovely in lacy LWD

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Miranda Kerr is not only one of the hottest models on the planet (true story), she is also a nutritionist. So if you are looking to boost your health, improve your skin, or will basically do anything Miranda Kerr tells you - pay attention because here is a round-up of her best lifestyle tips...

Put good things in your body
'The first step is eating healthy. I predominantly eat organic when I can. I eat extremely healthy because when I do, I have more energy. I love spinach, avocado, lots of greens and broccoli,' says the former Victoria's Secret model.

Have an addiction to Noni Juice
A long time advocate of the plant juice, Miranda has been drinking this since she was a teenager. She loves it so much, it also features as a key ingredient in her beauty range. 'This is my worst-kept beauty secret,' she explains. 'I drink it daily and noni extract is part of my Kora Organics range. It aids the immune system because of the number of vitamins and minerals it contains.'

They're called superfoods for a reason
Miranda loves the big four: Acai powder, Chai seeds, Raw cacao powder and Maca powder.

'These superfoods are loaded with essential nutrients which can enhance your energy, fight disease, improve your memory and also help with your moods,' explains Kerr.

It's ok to indulge
Even supermodels have food weaknesses you know. When not scoffing superfoods, Kerr treats herself to dark chocolate and her Nana's steak pie. 'I believe in a balanced life - it's not about depriving yourself - so I eat 80 per cent organic, nutrient-rich foods and 20 per cent indulgence foods,' she says.

Snacking is good
'Some of my favourite snacks are organic almonds and blueberries, half an avocado with sea salt, and I also love eating Fuji apple pieces with almond butter and agave - it feels like a treat but it's really good for you,' says Miranda.

You can never do too much yoga
'I practise yoga daily; I do half an hour in the morning plus half an hour of meditation,' she says. 'Dedication is key for me because with my constant travel schedule I find it very grounding and energising.'

Want to give Miranda's yoga workout a try? Then you're in luck. Take a look at the video below...



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