Life Skills: Girl's guide to drinking whiskey like a pro

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Serve, taste and pour whiskey like a spirit expert with this simple guide to the Mad Men era's favourite tipple.

Mad Men inspired cocktails
It's got a bit of an old fashioned reputation, but we're bringing whiskey back. Make it work for you by brushing up on your booze knowledge...

Know the difference between Scotch, Irish and American whiskeys

Scotland's finest Scotch whiskey is made from malted barley and aged for three years in oak barrels. It's normally got a smoky taste in comparison to Irish whiskey that has a lighter, cleaner taste. American whiskey, also known as Bourbon, is made from rye and has a fruity taste used in cocktails.

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Get your whiskey terminology right so you look cool at the bar

If you order a single malt whiskey, you'll probably be handed a Scotch. Blended whiskey, that contains malt and grain, is the most popular supermarket option - think Bell's, Famous Grouse and Teacher's. Bourbons are classed as single barrel whiskeys because the entire bottle comes from one giant tub, whereas American whiskey is normally nicknamed 'straight'. Complicated stuff, right?

Drink whiskey Mad Men-style like Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks knows just how good a whiskey based cocktail can be. According to insiders, she's a fan of a Sea Captain's Special that includes sugar, Angostura bitters, rye whisky and champagne.

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Learn to drink whiskey neat

Technically, the best way to serve whiskey is room temperature, neat, no ice. It's strong stuff, but tasting experts recommend a good sniff (with your mouth open), followed by a small sip held on the tip of your tongue. Then let is wash over your mouth and swallow. You'll feel the burn, but hopefully it won't be too horrendous.

Get to know the best whiskey cocktails

An Old Fashioned combines whiskey with orange, cherry and lemons, while Whiskey Sour's amp up the sugar and lemon juice for a serious kick. Fans of Mojito will like Mint Juleps and Cosmopolitan girls will enjoy sipping on a super-strong Manhattan.

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