Life skills: How to go commando without doing a Kate Middleton

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Avoid a Kate Middleton bum and Eva Longoria foo foo flashing episode with our step by step guide to ditching your underwear.

Eva Longoria at Cannes film festival 2013

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Poor Kate Middleton. Just another celeb to fall victim to flashing her bits after a wardrobe malfunction.

The Duchess was snapped flashing her behind with what looks like no/tiny pants on, after a helicopter blew up her dress on her tour of Australia.

She is not the first. Big claps went to Eva Longoria for handling that whole lady garden flashing episode at Cannes 2013 with such dignity.

We would be hiding under our beds somewhere vowing to wear pants until the end of time – but oh no, Eva got straight back on the red carpet horse and even made a joke out of it.


Let's all learn from Eva and see how to ditch the undies without suffering a similar fate.

Rules for going Commando

1. What is the flash potential?
Dress with a massive thigh split dangerously close to your nethers? Anne Hathaway and Eva Longoria can testify to give commando a miss on that one. Same goes for mini skirts. And shorts when you're going to be riding a bike.

2. Sheer factor
Is your outfit a little bit too sheer? Then keep the bundies on. Unless you have the labia of a goddess and feel like sharing.

3. Listen to the weatherman
Rain and wind = flasher weather.

4. Start small
If you're thinking about going commando – start by just ditching the pants around the house first. And not just because you forget to do the laundry. Get used to it before taking your vajayjay out to brave the elements.

5. Do not go commando if…
You are taking a fitness class, having dinner with the in-laws, going clothes shopping, attending a job interview, doing cartwheels, if your name is Britney Spears.

6. The first rule of commando club…
Do not talk about commando club. Keep your chi chi to yourself.

7. Knees together ladies
When exiting cars – keep those knees locked. You are in a high risk danger zone. Same goes for sitting on any chair. Just 'cause Sharon Stone did it, doesn't make it right.

8. Safety first
It's a big, scary, filthy world out there. Just think about what you are exposing your most delicate of parts to. Sitting on a bus with your skirt a bit too high – not advisable. Keep it covered and protect your lady bits from any nasties.

9. Go gardening
Ensure the shrubbery is in order. Just in case.



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