The 5 step guide to throwing a memorable party

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Celebrity party planner Steven Duggan is here to hold your hand through all your party throwing woes...

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Where do celebrities go when they want to plan a totally mind-blowing shindig? The answer is party planner Steven Duggan.

He began his career working on My Super Sweet 16 parties for MTV and discovered he loved the art of creating events. Since starting his own business, he's planned parties for Elton John, Adele and Leona Lewis.

Just call him Mr Party.

Steven Duggan's tips for throwing a great party

1. Choose a theme

'Whether it's based on your favourite colour or your most-loved film, a theme pulls everything together. The important thing is to make sure it runs though the design of the evening – from your large decorative features to the more subtle touches.'

2. Decorate with props

'Props can be really helpful for creating the right mood and they also make a great talking point for your guests. Planning a spooky Halloween party? Get hold of ornate candle holders and drape them with cobwebs. Want to make your guests feel like VIPs? Roll out a red carpet for a Hollywood finish. Try and pay attention to your space from every possible angle. In the past I've hung bird cages from the ceiling and put large marble busts of composers around a room to add to the atmosphere.'

3. Be creative with lighting

'Good lighting transforms any space. Candles grouped together at different heights look stunning and provide a flattering light. If you can't get hold of heavyweight, Hollywood-style lighting, try placing coloured gels over your existing lights. Red is great for a mysterious, moody look.'

4. Plan the guest list

'Think carefully about your guest list when you're choosing a venue and avoid spaces that are too large as they can make it look empty. Invite as many guests as you can to create the best atmosphere. Think about who's coming and organise the entertainment accordingly. Acrobatic performers and live music always go down well.'

5. Give goody bags

'All celebrity events have goody bags for the celebs to take home and it's a little touch that will make your guests leave with a smile on their face. Edible treats like retro sweets are popular, as are candles and beauty products.'

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