The Made In Chelsea's Lucy Watson guide to dating

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EXCLUSIVE! We caught up with Made In Chelsea's Lucy Watson at's Bark In The Bark social to get the low down on her dating plans now Jamie Laing's out of the picture.

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We hung out with Made In Chelsea star Lucy Watson at's Bark in the Park event.

In honour of the dating site's new social events, matching singles with shared interests we thought we'd get the low down on dating Lucy.

Proud vegetarian and owner of little dog Digby, Lucy feels very strongly about shared interests and values, "I think if you like animals and you have a dog and you're dating someone who doesn't like dogs it's not going to go anywhere."

Lucy's date turn-ons

So we know a a bit about Lucy's type but we got some specifics.

"Loyalty, humour, I like them to like animals, confidence is key as well."

Spencer Matthews and Jamie Laing certainly had the confidence part down, but we reckon the loyalty factor was probably where they both went very wrong.

Made In Chelsea's Spencer Matthews and Lucy Watson dated briefly before he cheated on her

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Bad boy Spencer had some serious trouble remaining faithful to his girlfriend Lucy.

Lucy's date turn-offs

When it comes to a first date there are some big turn-offs. Number one for Lucy?

"Someone that just wants to talk about themselves and someone who thinks they're a player and really cool, because, i'm just like, I can't be bothered."

She went on to add, "Someone that talks about their ex-girlfriend can be really off-putting, or someone that doesn't like animals and is like 'Oh yeah I shot a dear the other day and it was really fun', I'd be like OK bye."

andy jordan and spencer matthews shooting - made in chelsea series 6 - louise admits sleeping with someone -

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Boys better be shooting clay pigeons if they want a chance with Lucy.

First date makeup

When it comes to the first date what to wear and making your face look great can be very stressful.

So, Lucy has some makeup advice: "Less is more with makeup because I think if you wear so much makeup for a first date they don't even know who you are and if it goes well they're eventually going to see you lying next to them in the morning bare-faced."

And clothes? "I think you wear either legs out or boobs out. If it's winter, cool jeans, boots a nice top."

Lucy Watson - no makeup selfie - BEAT - cancer research - eyelash extensions -

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Lucy's no makeup selfie proved that guys won't be getting a scare if they saw her without the slap

What's next for Lucy's love life?

Unlike Sam Faiers, the drama of reality TV romances hasn't put her off.

She told us, "I don't harbour emotions and take a step back form things, anything that's happened to me, it's not been on me it's been that person and their own issues.

Im not against it, this is what I signed up for, if i'm dating someone i'd love it to be on the show.

I'm single and I'm happy being single. I think that's the best way to be, for me - i've had so many bad experiences."

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We reckon he thought he'd hit the jackpot seeing Lucy at the event!

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