Half of blokes bring a 'secret mate' on a date for moral support

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If there's a guy starring at you across the bar it's probably your date's bff

Men bring 'secret mates' on dates

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Going on a first date is always nerve-wracking but while us girls just suck-it-up and hope for the best, men don't seem to be able to cope with the stress .

Half of blokes bring a 'secret mate' on dates to give them some Dutch courage, so don't be surprised if you see a strange man looking you up and down from across the room.

Three quarters of men have also admitted to ending a date with a pre-planned 'there's been a terrible accident' phone call from a friend. So it's not just us then...

Amazingly, 82% of the men surveyed by www.datewithamate.com admitted that they've called a 'secret mate' over from their hiding place to interject when a date is going badly or they don't like the girl. Talk about crushing our self-esteem lads!

89% of men said they'd feel more comfortable on a blind date if they could bring a buddy, while 49% said a double date is the best because there are other people there to cushion the blow. What happened to balls of steel?

Luke Pomaro founder of datewithamate.com, has this message for 'mate-daters', "Taking along a secret mate may make you feel more comfortable, but probably won't put you in good favour with your date should she ever find out. We're all about double dating here; our results show that men clearly feel more at ease with their friends nearby, so why not take them with you and find a date for them too!"

And just in case any men are reading....we won't be best pleased if a random guy in a faux-Mission Impossible get-up walks over to the table and gives us the stink eye. Grow a pair and go solo - what's the worst that can happen?

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