Nervous, arrogant or weird...the first date characters you need to know

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Dating can be unpredictable, but people usually fall into one of five categories....

For every good date you go on, there's bound to be a few that don't go quite so smoothly. First impressions are key and you can tell a lot about a person by the way they behave on a first date.

According to our very technical and hi-tec dating profiling skills (ahem) we've come up with the five most common 'dating characters' that you need to know about. Hopefully, with our advice, you'll be able to weather the first date storm without having to run to the exit....

Mr. Arrogant

Arrogant man dating

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He waltzes into the bar with his low cut t-shirt and Bieber haircut and spends the first hour talking about himself, his friends and his amazing job. Instead of asking you insightful questions he just makes sure he knows your name before returning to his favourite topic of conversation, himself.

You'll probably want to run for the hills, but he may just be nervous and desperately trying to impress you. Give him the benefit of the doubt and just hope that his me, me, me attitude is just a mask for his first-date insecurities.

Mr. Silent Treatment

Silent treatment dating

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He seems sweet and kind but talking to him is like getting blood out of a stone. Impossible. He may be naturally shy so make sure you give him time (and a stiff drink) to open up and feel more relaxed. Remember there's a fine line between shyness and rudeness, but it's up to you to discover this for yourself. If after an hour you've spent 45 minutes in uncomfortable silence it's probably best to say your goodbyes and leave.

Mr. Weird and Wonderful

First date characters weird and wonderful

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He seemed amazing on paper, but when he arrives in a velvet smoking jacket and starts talking about his stuffed animal collection you'll know you're with a weird and wonderful one.

Don't let this put you off straight away...we all have eccentricities that take some getting used too. He may not understand your collection of mascaras and obsession with The Vampire Diaries, but we're pretty sure it's not going to make him run a mile. Get to know him and make a decision once you know all the facts.

Mr. Somewhere Else

Spaced out man

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If he's distracted, distant or busy watching the football on the big-screen behind you he's not a very good date. He should at least pretend to care about what you say even if he's already decided you're not second date material. If he spaces out once, ask him what's on his mind - you may find the answer quite revealing. If he's blatantly not interested make your excuses and leave because he's not worth your time.

Mr. Quite Nice Actually

Nice guy

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This is the sort of man everyone hopes to meet. He's cute, kind, sweet, funny and genuinely interesting to talk to. It may not be love at first sight but you know you want to see him again. Stay cool, act charming and when the date's over ask him for a second. Don't leave him to do all the hard work.

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