The ultimate guide to your man's penis

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Take a closer look a your man's penis and ensure that you not only increase his pleasure, but yours too!

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Hands up who thinks they know their way round the average man's penis? Not just what it looks like, but the truth about size, erection and where to touch to really turn him on? Hmm, thought not. Just as many women are unfamiliar with the inner workings of their own bodies, so do we tend to take our partner's for granted too. But a better understanding of his penis can lead to a better physical relationship for both of you.

Quality not quantity
This isn't the time to join the 'size matters' debate, so let's just stick to the facts. The average non-erect penis comes in at about 9.5cm (or 3¾"), with most men measuring between 8.5cm-10.5cm (give or take a couple of centimetres to allow for external conditions such as cold weather). When erect, the penis lengthens anything from 75-100% - often the smaller it is when flaccid the greater its capacity for growth.

Overall size, whether flaccid or erect, has nothing - I repeat nothing - to do with ethnic background, height or the size of his hands or feet. That said, the average length of a male member standing fully to attention is around 16.5cm (or 6½"). As the average female vagina is between 8-10.5cm (3-4") long (with the capacity to lengthen by up to a staggering 150% when aroused), it's pretty fair to say that men and women are, for the most part, pretty evenly matched.

A little to the left...
While most men will agree that their entire penis responds favourably to a good fondle, some areas are more responsive than others. The scrotum is highly sensitive so treat it gently - many men love to have their balls gently tickled by partners who can get the amount of pressure right. The penis shaft, of course, is not averse to being stroked, but the majority of nerve endings are in the head of the penis (glans). Get your technique right here, and he'll always think of you fondly.

The foreskin
Possibly the most controversial part of the male anatomy, the foreskin, (should it or should it not be removed?) is an astonishing source of 'fascinating facts'. The average adult foreskin is roughly the area of a five-pound note and consists of over three feet of veins, arteries, and capillaries and over 20,000 nerve endings!

The inside of the foreskin is especially sexually sensitive, particularly in the area around the frenulum (the fleshy attachment to the underside of the glans). Even men who have been circumcised often report this to be their most erogenous zone.

The foreskin needs to be treated with respect - some men experience infection (often related to hygiene or excessively pulling at it); occasionally the foreskin fails to stretch easily over and away from the glans. More common still is for it to tear slightly during sex, which can be very messy but usually isn't a problem long-term. As always, consult a doctor for treatment and advice.

Erection and other issues
Many men will encounter problems with performance at some point over their sexual history, whether that's failing to rise to the occasion or peaking too soon. For more information visit erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

But perhaps the most common problem the male member faces is with sexually transmitted diseases. Always, always use a condom - just because his penis looks healthy doesn't mean it is (and if you do notice any sores or discharge, avoid all sexual contact until a doctor gives him the all-clear).

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