Relationship quotes that could spell the end of your romance

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Blurting out these phrases in an argument could quite easily kill your relationship. Read on and keep the love alive.

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Do you suffer from a severe case of foot-in-mouth disease? Some of us just can't keep our lips sealed, even if it means our relationship is at stake.

Here are seven phrases you really want to avoid saying to your partner. Unless you're planning to chuck it all in of course...

What not to say in a relationship argument

'You've always known I'm like this!'

Using the 'You've always known I'm like this' line to justify late night drinking sessions or leaving your dirty underwear on the floor is not ok. Just because you did it at uni doesn't make it acceptable ten years on when you've got a mortgage and responsibilities.

In reality what you're saying to your partner is, 'I'm never going to grow-up or change, so don't even think about it'. However, if you think your man is making unreasonable demands on you, this might be one stumbling block too.

'You're rubbish in bed'

Guys have hang-ups about sex too - as modern women we should probably know this. If you were expecting an earth shattering experience, but in reality barely got a tremor, resist the temptation to mock.

Often, all it takes is a little guidance to get someone on the right track sexually - and if you're not telling him how to push your buttons, then how is he supposed to know? He's not a mind-reader.

'Perhaps we should just end it then!'

Everyone gets angry, but the key is to allow the anger to subside before you make any decisions or rash statements. It's like going shopping after a few too many glasses of wine - it seems like a great idea, but that's how you end up with fluro pink flares.

'Why aren't you more like [insert ex's name]?'

A huge no-no. Exes and current partners just don't mix - whether you're bringing up your old boyfriend on a first date, or telling your man of five years that you wish he'd be 'more thoughtful like James was'.

Maybe he isn't quite as thoughtful as James, but he doesn't need to start thinking that you're pining after your ex. After all, if 'James' was so great, why aren't you still together?

'Well you did that too'

Passing blame is pretty childish. When you're seven arguing with your sister it's ok, but when you're 27 it's not. Just because your boyfriend or husband was late for dinner five years ago it's not ok to rain check on a meal with his mum tonight.

'I'm shattered from work. I really can't do that right now'

You've had a long day - you're entitled to a sit down once you're home. But that doesn't exempt you from all the household chores. After all, your other half is likely to be just as tired as you, so why should you be a special case?

Playing this card will just build up resentment. If you both pitch in it'll be done in half the time and then you can relax together.

'No comment.'

When politicians and film stars say 'No comment' about something, you're instantly suspicious. After all - what are they hiding? The same applies in a relationship. Communication is the key to a healthy partnership; without it the rot will set in and you might as well call it a day there and then.



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