Us Brits love erotic fiction as 50 Shades of Grey becomes fastest selling paperback EVER!

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The erotic novel has beaten Harry Potter and The Da Vinci Code to be the fastest selling paperback in the UK...

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The book dubbed 'mummy porn' has outsold both JK Rowling's Harry Potter and Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code to become the fastest selling paperback in the UK.

Revealing that us Brits love a bit of smut, figures have shown that the book hit the 550,000 sales mark quicker than any other book since records began back in 1998.

Written by EL James, a 49-year-old housewife whose real name is Erika Mitchell, the book has been Britain's best selling book for nine weeks now.

If you haven't read it yet - what have you been doing?! The story revolves around Anastasia Steele, a college graduate who gets involved with billionaire Christian Grey and his S&M fantasies.

Philip Stone who compiled the chart for The Bookseller told the Daily Mail: "It is highly unusual for a book to sell so well without there being a film adaptation or the author being well known, like Dan Brown or JK Rowling. Clearly it has become acceptable for something like this to be talked about openly."

It is set to become one of the best selling books of all time over the Harry Potter and Twilight books.

We fully support this nationwide love of erotic fiction! What do you think? 
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