Kate Middleton tops poll of who Brits most want to share a brew with

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Oh, stick the kettle on love, the Duchess is right parched...

Kate Middleton Jubilee Tour

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Unsurprisingly, the nation wants to invite Kate Middleton round to take the weight of her nude court shoes and have a cup of tea with them.

Closely followed by her grandmother-in-law, The Queen, The Duchess of Cambridge has topped a list of celebrities that Brits most want to share a cup of cha with.

The research carried out by BRITA, found that a quarter of Brits would vote to have tea with Kate.

Olympian Bradley Wiggins is also up there in the top three, showing that our Olympic legacy does live on (well, in the hot beverage stakes anyway).

The top five celebrities Brits would like to share a brew with are:

1. The Duchess of Cambridge
2. The Queen
3. Bradley Wiggins
4. The Duke of Edinburgh
5. Gary Barlow

She'll have plenty of opportunities as apparently Brits have increased their tea consumption, with the average person polishing off four cups a day.

But the big question - do you think she's more of a Hob Nob or Rich Tea kind of gal? Decisions decisions.
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