How to have sex like Fifty Shades of Grey

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Take the routine out of your love life by getting down and dirty in one of these unusual locations...


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Has all this chatter about the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey film adaption increased your obsession with Christian Grey? Yep - us too.

The books aren't all about BDSM play, half the fun is getting down wherever and whenever you want. Mr Grey shows it's not all about the bedroom.

Here are some new places to try having sex tonight...

Have sex on top of a grand piano

Ana and Christian aren't the first fictional couple to get hot and heavy on a grand piano. We were obsessed with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere's stint on the ivories in Pretty what is it about a piano that turns people on?

We reckon it's the smooth polished surface and the fact that your body will be at the perfect height for him to play with.

Sex in a lift

If you don't have a private lift like Mr Grey, then this is not one for the faint hearted.

Make sure you pick somewhere you can't be caught and double check for security cameras, oh, and glass walls of course.

Have sex in a hotel room

There is something incredibly sexy about a naughty weekend away in a hotel. Even if you live together, take the time to escape from your normal routine and hide out.

Stick the 'do not disturb' sign on the door, order room service, and spend the weekend exploring each other in the shower, bed, on the floor, against the wall....

Hotel room

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Have sex on a pool table

Raise the stakes Fifty Shades stylee and each choose what sexual act you want your partner to carry out if you win after a game of pool (or tennis, or tiddlywinks).

Then use all your powers of seduction to distract them while they play and make sure you are victorious.

If you own a pool table, go to town on top of it at the end.

Have sex in a meadow

You can't beat having a role in the hay. Literally.

Choose some tall grass, a balmy summer's evening, and get back to nature in a field. Romantic and sexy as hell.

sports car

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Have sex in a car

It's got to be one of the most common fantasies out there.

Take a tip from Ana and Christian - get your man to sit in the passenger seat, and sit on top of him - facing the windscreen.

Putting your weight on your feet, lower yourself up and down to give him the ride of his life.

The angle, confined space and the sheer fear of getting caught will drive you both wild.



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