sex tip of the day: have fun in the tub

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Have even better orgasms with these simple sex tips (that won't make you pull a muscle)...

Having sex in the bath or shower is notoriously tricky - it sounds amazing in theory, but in practise most women find it awkward. The key to getting it right is to be prepared and to have what you might need to hand.

Water washes away your natural lubricants so have a bottle of lube conveniently stashed among your shampoo and conditioner bottles.

Nothing ruins the mood like having to run to the bedroom for a condom, so have those in arms reach too!

For the best bath sex fill the tub halfway with water, then pour plenty of bath gel or body oil over each others' bodies (great for foreplay). Get your man to lie down and straddle him or avoid penetrative sex altogether and make the most of your soapy hands...

If he's surprised you in the shower, don't expect him to pick you up and precariously balance on the slippy floor (try explaining that accident to A&E). Instead plant one foot flat on the floor and get him to hold your other leg around his waist. That leaves his other hand free to do whatever he wants....

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