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Have even better orgasms with these simple sex tips (that won't make you pull a muscle)...

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Talking dirty is a great way to build sexual tension and turn him on, so why are so many of us afraid to do it?

The key is to take it seriously, if you laugh between every word he will probably do the same...the more in control you are the more turned on he will be.

Start the day by saying you are already looking forward to seeing him after work, he'll be thinking all day about what you've got in store. Follow this up with a sexy text, like how you want to feel his hands all over you, or how you're looking forward to undressing him. His mind will be purely focussed on you!

When you're finally alone together, remember that it's not what you say but how you say it that really matters. Get really close to his ear, press your body into his and whisper how you want him to take your clothes off. Speak slowly and keep strong eye contact to make sure he knows you're not messing around.

52% of men are aroused by moans and sighs alone, so make sure you throw a few of those into the mix too. Sometimes the most simple commands can be really sexy, like 'my turn' to signify that it's your turn to be on-top, or 'tease me' to indicate oral sex.

If this feels a bit forced, you can always use dirty talk in role play games, where there's less fear of embarrassment (you're playing a character, so it's not really you).

Just remember to read the situation, if he's getting more and more turned on you'll know you're on the right lines, if he looks confused (or downright frightened) you may have veered too far into dominatrix land.

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