National Baking Week: 5 common baking mistakes sorted

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Cake mix split? Air bubbles in your tart? Our baking superhero to the rescue...

Laura Amos Dessert Deli
Stop! Don't throw out that cake mix! If you've got a problem with your National Baking Week endeavours, we know just the woman to save the day.

Laura Amos has worked at some of the most prestigious restaurants and chefs in the country, including The Ivy and Jean Christophe Novelli. She now runs a premium dessert company, The Dessert Deli, which specialises in luxurious handmade puds.

So, if ever there was someone who could help you rescue that flan - Laura is your gal. We posed five common baking problems to her to see if she could save the day...

Q. How do I stop my pastry rising in the oven when baking?

To prevent this from happening you must 'blind bake' your pastry case first. Weigh down your tart case, by lining your tart with cling film and filling it with baking beans or rice until full, then bake in a pre-heated oven until lightly golden.

Q. My cake mix looks split and curdled

Add a little of your dry ingredients in the recipe such as flour to the mixtures to bring it back again, then continue to add your liquids.

Q. I have air bubbles on the top of my tart

Using a blow torch, gently go over the top of your tart before baking, this will deflate the bubbles

Q. I have little lumps of flour in my cakes when they are cooked

Sieve your flour before adding it to the mix, this will help prevent lumps. This sometimes happens if flour has been open for a while and gets damp. Try to keep your dry ingredients well sealed.

Q. My chocolate mousse has gone solid and the cream has formed into lumps

To get rid of lumps you must heat the chocolate more – to remove lumps take a small amount of the mousse and warm it up, then incorporate it back into the mixture and this will make it smooth.

Thanks Laura! Lesson learned.

The Dessert Deli cook book is published on 31 October

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