Would you be able to forgive & forget like Robert Pattinson?

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Moving forward after betrayal is not an easy task...

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

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It has been the most talked about couple-drama of the year – Kristen Stewart doing the nasty on Robert Pattinson and him taking her back.

Whatever you think of the whole situ, it has got people questioning their own relationships.

Would you be able to take your partner back after they cheated?

If you're in the same position as RPatz, there are some things to consider…

Be realistic about past behaviour
Each infidelity situation is different and no one can really know what goes on behind closed doors.

So you need to trust your instincts and ask in your heart of hearts whether you believe this will not happen again?

Is this a one off indiscretion or has your partner repeatedly let you down? Only you can decide if you can move past this or it's time to move on.

Seeking revenge by sleeping with the first person you come across is not going to help the situation and it'll make you feel worse.

Whilst the anger will be overwhelming, don't do something you will later regret.

Who is this affecting?
If you have children, this situation becomes much more complicated. They have to take paramount importance.

You must not only consider your hurt feelings and your relationship but how your decisions are affecting those you care most about.

Forgiveness is a choice
If you want to try and rebuild your relationship – forgiveness is something you choose to do.

But if you do, you must move on. It is not fair to either of you to keep rehashing the arguments and your relationship will never recover.

If you can not move past this, then you need to let go of the relationship.

Will they cheat again?
That is the million dollar question – and one that no one can answer.

Whilst they have to work hard to regain your trust, to a degree you are going to have to give them the benefit of the doubt else you will go mad with paranoia.

There is no right answer
If the infidelity has become a hot topic among your friends and family – they will no doubt have an opinion. But remember it comes down to you. And only you.

Some people will have good advice and being outside of the relationship does have the advantage of seeing things you might not be able to – but don't let people push what they would do on to you.

If you take a cheating partner back – dealing with the burden of their betrayal will be a mammoth task.

You need to be open and honest about what you're feeling and work through issues together.

Would you be able to take a cheating partner back?



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