Flirting tips to help you score your office crush at the Christmas party

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Want to make an impression? Here's our top flirting tips for the office bash

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If you've been swooning over that fit guy in accounts for weeks now, the Christmas party is a good opportunity to find out if he's into you. But it's also a good time to work on your 'social flirting' techniques to impress the big-wigs too.

So, we asked body language expert and Invisalign ambassador, Judi James, to give us her top tips on scoring your work colleague crush, staying confident and avoiding any Monday morning embarrassment.

She told us, "The trick is to flirt in an appropriate manner. Flirting is not always about fluttering your eye lids and catching a stranger's eye. It can also be used in social, non-sexual situations such as an office environment or a friend's party. A prime example is the office Christmas party jungle, where social flirting, including the batting of lashes and laughing at poor jokes, is used to maintain peace, forge bonds and impress our colleagues and boss with our networking expertise."

Here are Judi's top eight tips to help you impress the boss, make new friends and impress your office crush at the same time. WOW!

1.Always enter the room with a smile on your face

No matter how much of a nightmare you had finding the place people will make up their mind about you within the first few seconds of arrival, even when they don't appear to be looking. When meeting someone for the first time, 40% of women and 31% of men say they remember a person's smile more than any other facial feature, so it is clear that a smile is part of a tool-kit of charismatic behaviour, that can win people over in any social situation.

Follow the host's greeting rituals

This is often a handshake, but if you see people being more sociable and friendly, then follow suit. Try to avoid kissing on the cheek if you don't know someone too well, as this can sometimes blur the lines between sociable and improper behaviour. If you accidentally go for the cheek, do both right and left cheek and then stand back, smiling with confidence. Try not to feel embarrassed, as a slight flush can often give the wrong impression.

3. When you're mingling try to approach groups of three or more.

Singles might look like they need rescuing but that's not your job, you're here to make an impression. Head for the largest gap and start to mirror the group's dynamic in terms of body language to help you to integrate without interrupting anyone who is speaking. Don't try and corner your crush to get him alone as he may feel uncomfortable.

4 .Social flirting

This means actively listening, which will create an impression of attractive confidence, social charisma and attentiveness. Always plan your small-talk, but keep in mind the best social flirting will entail interest in the other person.

6. Always maintain eye contact

Do not gaze off into the distance and lose focus - people can spot boredom a mile off. Constantly letting your eyes wander to the fittie by the door won't impress your supervisor!

7. Holding your drink in the right way

Holding your drink too low could make you look miserable, however if you hold it too high it will look like a barrier. The correct height is about rib-height, which will show you're sociable, confident and friendly.

8. When it's time to leave

When it is time to leave the party, ensure you say goodbye to as many people as possible and especially those you had a direct conversation with. If you had a long conversation with your office crush, go up to them say goodbye, give a broad smile and, if possible, touch their arm or shoulder to show you're interested without coming across too flirty.

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