Masterchef: The Professionals in double winner whammy

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Cooorrrrrrrrr! Gregg Wallace & Michel Roux Junior threw the rulebook out the window…

Masterchef the professionals


Last night Masterchef: The Professionals came to a dramatic end when judges Gregg Wallace and Michel Roux Junior crowned two of the finalists joint winners.


Finalists Keri Moss and Anton Piotrowski will have to share the converted Masterchef crown after Gregg and Michel couldn't separate the pair.

Whether it's Gregg Wallace's cheeky love of puddings, the high level of talent this year, or that people secretly fancy Michel Roux Jr (guilty!) – the final trounced it's telly competition pulling in four million viewers.

In the final week, the three finalists, which also included young chef Oli Boon, 23, have gone head-to-head in a Heston Blumenthal master class and ended by cooking their most inventive three course meal for the judges.

Anton knocked it out of the park with his main of cocoa-marinated venison, whilst Kerri went for a five spiced duck followed by a green olive and pistachio cake.

Gregg favoured Kerri's cooking from the start, saying, 'I don't know what magic is running through Keri's fingertips, I don't know who poured the passion into her soul, but you can feel it and you can taste it on dish after dish.'

Whilst Michel (swoon) admired Anton's inventiveness and hard work, 'Keri is an exceptional chef, but you can't get away from the fact that Anton has got the knowledge, he's got the skills in abundance, he's got the passion, the drive - every dish that Anton cooks is original, it's got a twist, it's got his character there.'

The indecision caused the judges to ignore protocol and dish out a joint winning title. How nice!

The outpourings on Twitter showed a divided opinion on the result, with some feeling outraged that no one person was crowned winner.

One angry fan posted, 'there has to be A WINNER in a competition NOT TWO! Not going to watch again for weeks on end for that!!!'

Whilst others felt the joint verdict was well deserved, 'Great decision. Always a great watch. Looking forward to the next #masterchef series already!'

All we know is that they both put the pasta bake we knocked out last night to shame.

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