Not at the 'relaxing by an open fire' stage? Top 5 winter date ideas

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Think outside the box with our winter-ready first, second and third date ideas...

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So you've met someone new and you're trying to arrange a date, but it's too soon to invite him to your house and you're sick of boring old dinner dates. What to do!

Well, we've come up with a few ideas to get you thinking outside the box and planning more interesting outings for your blossoming courtship (we hope).

Take a look and let us know what you think. If you have any brilliant suggestions tell us in the comments box below...

1. Give 'meeting over coffee' a makeover

Perfect for: First date

Sample the best caramel lattes in every coffee shop near you for a few hours. Not only will you get the chance to talk, but you'll also have a guaranteed conversation starter. If it's not going so well, you can cut the date short after just a couple of coffee slurps or, if it's going great, you can take your taste testing further afield. Just be wary of a caffeine high!

2. Go to a cooking class

Perfect for: Second or third date

Loads of places offer fantastic hour or three hour long cooking classes, where you learn the ropes before creating your own meal. If you're not ready for candlelit dinners, this is the perfect way to continue along the get-to-know-you road without too much intimacy. We love School of Wok and The Cookery School.

3. Be a tourist in your own town

Perfect for: Second or third date

Visit local museums and galleries, take tour bus journeys or just visit a different part of your patch for a fun afternoon out. The great thing about this is that you make all the rules. If he's an art buff you can tailor your trip to include a great new exhibition or if you want some more 'alone time' sneak into your favourite bar or coffee shop.

4. Get on your bike

Perfect for: First date

Getting outdoors isn't necessarily a bad thing on a first date. An hour of cycling, hiking or walking will raise your heart rate and give you a rush of mood-boosting adrenaline. Plus, you won't be required to talk non-stop.

5. Go wine tasting

Perfect for: Any date!

There are loads of wine tasting classes and events across the county (see Wine Unearthed for local events), where you can loosen up with a glass of red. You won't have to stare deeply into each other's eye, but you will have the opportunity to talk about yourselves and learn more about each other with the crutch of guaranteed conversation. Who doesn't love talking about a good tipple?!

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