How-to guide: Finding a relationship in the big city

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Big city life can be lonely, but now's the time to get out there and meet someone new...

First date taboos
Even when you're surrounded by thousands of commuters and hundreds of bar-goers and gym-lovers, it's hard to meet a man in the city.

Everyone talks about the 'right place right time' phenomenon, but that only happens to the lucky few, right?

Now that the new year is well and truly under way, here are a few ways you can meet new people and turn up the heat on your love life...

1. Make the most of your connections

Don't be afraid to ask friends to set you up with any eligible men they know. So, what if it doesn't turn out great, just admit you didn't feel a connection and get on with life. If this doesn't work try MySingleFriend and get your best mates to write you a stellar profile. What do you have to lose?

2. Be sociable at work

Socialising with your colleagues outside of the office will really expand your network of contacts, friends and potential dates. Head to the nearest bar after work at least once a week and use the time to meet new people. If it's a week night people will be less likely to drink heavily, which means better conversation and less drink-fuelled flirting.

3. Join Meetup

This great website allows people to RSVP to hundreds of different events in your area; whether it's a bar night, cinema trip or singles events. Take your friends along for moral support and make the most of the fact that everyone else there is in the same single-and-ready-to-mingle boat.

4. Throw your own parties

Get your friends and friends of friends together by hosting an open-invitation party. Now we're not suggesting you advertise on Facebook (we've seen Project X and it did not end well!), but asking a select bunch of people to invite their contacts is a great way to meet fresh faces.

5. Do online dating

Online dating is a great way to meet like-minded single people. If you're not already doing it, get online, write up an honest profile and start arranging first dates. The more people you meet the more comfortable you'll feel when you're finally sat opposite Mr.Right.

6. Get out at the right time (Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights!)

Realistically, to meet more men you have to meet more men! Sitting at home in front of the TV complaining that you can't find the perfect man is pointless. Thursdays are the new Fridays so get out there! Okay, so the sofa is really appealing on a cold winter's night, but it's not going to magically produce Prince Charming.

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