The top 6 reasons why men cheat (and what to do if it happens to you)

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Get clued up on infidelity and learn when to fight and when to call it quits...

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Sex toy retailer have collaborated with relationship expert, Helen Croydon, author of Sugar Daddy Diaries and ebook 100 Lessons on sex to reveal the six main reasons why men are tempted to stray from long term relationships.

Take a look at her expert advice below and let us know what you think...

1. Sexual dissatisfaction

Sex is to men, like emotional closeness is to women. Cuddles are not an ample replacement for passionate and fulfilling sex. If your long-term partner says he doesn't mind that your sex life has waned he's probably being diplomatic.

What to do: Make time for your sex life. Did you know, the more you orgasm the more you want to? Explore sex toys and change things up with new positions, lovely lingerie and romantic mini breaks.

2. Feeling surplus to needs

Common amongst new fathers and the partner of someone with a demanding job. The less busy partner can feel unneeded, bored and ignored. These types of men often complain their relationships have become functional rather than fresh and romantic.

What to do: Relationships should make us feel loved and energised otherwise we're better off alone. So make your partner feel that way. Stop keeping tabs on who's done what, take time to talk and listen to each other - even if it's just for 15 minutes over dinner.

3. In love but lacking romance

It is surprising how many men say they love their wives deeply and are not looking to end their marriage, but need 'something extra'. Not necessarily sex but the romance - dinners and dates. Many expressed they wanted to 'feel like they looked forward to seeing someone again.'

What to do: Sadly familiarity can cancel out passion even though but it's easy to steer your relationship away from dreary domesticity by going on dates, experimenting with your sex lives, trying new things and being impulsive with your romantic gestures.

4. The 'one last time' syndrome

Common amongst men and women who are about to get married or make a similar commitment. They feel they can hold onto their previous identity with one last experience of their 'old life'. They mistakenly believe that one final memory will sustain them for years ahead of 'being good'.

What to do: This is just a fantasy. 'One last time' won't make them feel any more experienced, but if you suspect your partner is daunted by the idea of long-term sexual fidelity, embrace their sexual appetite rather than try to repress it by getting them to share their fantasies.

5. Escape from relationship problems

For unhappy couples trapped in arguments and resentment, affairs are a cowardly way of escaping. By directing thier romantic attention on someone else a cheating partner thinks he or she can forget the problems in theirown relationship.

What to do: If it's worth saving get professional counselling and have some serious discussions. If not, do the honourable thing and set your partner free. It always seems scary to venture into singledom again, but it's liberating when you free yourself from an unsatisfying partnership.

6. Opportunism

Thankfully more rare than people may think. To act on a fantasy usually requires mental preparation and lots of suppression of guilt so it's unlikely a quick chat on a bar stool will make someone jump into bed.

What to do: It's easier to say what not to do. Don't keep tabs on your partner. Don't be controlling or demand they phone. Too much control only makes someone want to break free. Trust builds respect and there's no better defence to cheating than respect.

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