Detox your love life and give yourself an image overhaul

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In week 5 of our 'dating detox' series, Jenni suggests an early spring clean...

In the fifth week of this detox plan, Jenni Trent Hughes, relationship advice expert for reminds us that sometimes our outward appearance is just as important as how we feel inside...

"As we near the end of our 'six week' dating detox plan, it's time to have some fun with the results of all our hard work. As we don't believe in wallpapering over the cracks we started out by addressing the internals. This week we will 'show ourselves in our best light' and 'get the word out that there's been a revamp'.

In the past when you've been down in the dumps you've probably cut your hair, bought some new makeup, clothes or maybe even had a tattoo. How did that work for you? Chances are it provided a temporary uplift but then in next to no time you were once again wondering when everything in your life was going to be all right.

This time should be different. If you've been working along with the programme you may already be feeling quite a bit lighter, brighter and on track. Taking control of your journey tends to make you feel that much more secure which in turn gives you the best beauty product of all....confidence.

It is really important that we aren't yet again just wallpapering over the cracks so please take a minute to do these two things:

1. Go back through the previous steps and be sure that you've done all the exercises or thought through all the issues we've raised.
2. If you feel slightly unsure about any of them read it over, maybe talk it through with a close friend. Sometimes two heads are better than one.


Detox your wardrobe:
1. Go through your wardrobe and dresser drawers and take out all your 'Today I feel ugly so this is what I am going to hide out in' clothes. You can keep only one top and one bottom - for emergencies
2. Put all the clothes into a few carrier bags and distribute them to your local charity shops.

Detox your make up bag:
1. Anything that you first started wearing in Year 11 - bin it.
2. Anything you don't really like but you bought it because this year's X-Factor judges favour it - bin it.


Go to the nearest shopping centre or high street shop that you like. If they have a shopping consultant then ask for her help, if not then ask a shop assistant you like the look of. Say that you are going to a special event and need an outfit. Take a few photos of yourself 'for reference'.

Go to the nearest beauty school and be a tester for facials and special treatments. Then take up one of those photo-deals where they make you up and take a photo of you looking like a movie star. Tape it up on your mirror at home and whenever you are getting ready to go out then look at it for inspiration.

Over the years when I ask men what they find the most attractive in a woman they almost all the same thing - confidence. Men want a woman who is happy in her own skin whatever size it is and that is the woman most of us want to be anyway. Like yourself, be comfortable with what you look like and it will radiate - I promise you will see results in next to no time. Oh and smile!"

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