11 facts that make the clitoris even more amazing

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Let's take a moment to praise the pleasure button…

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Ah, the clitoris. What a magically little button it really is. Let's take some time out to discover more about every girl's favourite body part shall we?

1. It's really sensitive, no like REALLY sensitive
The clitoris has at least 8,000 nerve endings.

2. It's much better than a penis
The entire male penis only has 4,000 nerve endings. Making the clit twice as good. You can't argue with maths.

3. While we're talking nerve endings…
The mighty reach of this little pleasure palace can send powerful sensations to 15,000 other nerve endings across a woman's pelvic area.

4. You can't see it all
Only one quarter of the clitoris is visible, the rest is hidden inside the body. Only the clitoral head and hood are on the outside of the body, inside the clitoral shaft, urethral sponge, erectile tissue, glands, vestibular bulbs and crura are tucked away. It's a complicated little thing.

5. All are unique
Everyone's is different. Big ones, small ones, protruding ones, hidden ones – they are all individual and require different needs to be, erm, serviced. Hence why masturbation is so key. Every woman needs to understand how hers works.

6. It opens doors (not literally)
The word 'clitoris' is derived from the Greek word for 'key'. As in the key to your orgasms.

7. Only pleasure allowed
The reason the clitoris is so great, is that it has no other function that just giving women pleasure. That is it. It has no other purpose, not practical usage, it's role is head of the orgasm department.

8. It grows
A woman's clitoris changes through her life. When she hits puberty it will start to increase in size and will grow by 1.8 times by the end of puberty.

When a woman hits 32, her clitoris will be four times as big as it was at the end of puberty. And after menopause, it will have grown to be seven times larger than it was at birth. But don't panic, you won't notice it and it may explain why ladies report having better sex the older they get.

9. It is related to the penis
Although it is completely different, at some point the penis and the clitoris start life off the same, before a baby's sex is decided. That is why there are a few similarities between the two, including erectile tissue, a foreskin and a shaft. It also explains why back in the day, science believed women to be underdeveloped men.

10. Your dog has one
We are not alone. All female mammals have one, but science believe only humans have evolved to utilise it for sexual pleasure.

11. Orgasm central
Only 30% of woman can reach orgasm through vaginal penetration alone – the rest all require clitoral stimulation. A little fact you may want to impart to the lover in your life.



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