Sex tip of the day: How to reintroduce flirting to a long-term relationship

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Flirting is fun, sexy and great foreplay, so why give it up once the honeymoon's over?

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Just because you've been together for donkey's years doesn't mean you should stop having fun in your relationship. Even if he's 'put a ring on it' that shouldn't mean you stop joking, laughing and flirting with your man.

If you want to reintroduce the excitement of flirting into your long term relationship here are a few tips to follow...

1. Create some mystery

If you've been living together for what feels like an age you've probably seen the good, the bad and the very ugly. Watching him trim his toenails or giving him access to the bathroom when you're having a pee doesn't exactly create a 'sexy' image in each others' minds. Try introducing a bit more mystery and spontaneity into your relationship. You could try getting dressed for a big night out in private so he only sees the finished effect, or cook an elaborate meal just because. Flirting starts here.

2. Laugh

It sounds simple but don't be afraid to laugh with your partner. In the first stages of a relationship, couples laugh all the time as a way to get to know each other, loosen up and, to some extent, start foreplay. Turn off the television and spend some time enjoying each others' company without distractions. You'll soon find (especially over a glass of wine or two) the spark of humour that connected you at the start of your relationship will return.

3. Be affectionate

Nicknames, non sexual touching and positive praise in public will show him you care. It sounds obvious, but touching his arms and hands is a sure fire sign that you're flirting even if you're not making eye contact. Handwritten notes on the coffee table, steamy mirror messages and 'thinking of you' texts during the day will keep his mind on you -a great precursor to bedroom foreplay.

4. See him in his element

Spend some time with him in an environment where he feels strong and in control. Seeing him coursing with testosterone will remind you that he's an individual and a bloke, not just a man who takes out your rubbish bins and leaves his boxers on the floor. It's the simplest aphrodisiac around and he'll love showing off in front of you.

5. Don't be afraid to be the boss

Sometimes being a little bit bossy can be a massive turn on. You don't have to turn into a dominatrix over night, but telling him how, when and why you want him, especially in the bedroom, is a great way to shake yourselves out of a boring routine. Subtly reminding him how much you enjoy spending time with him is a simple but seriously effective flirting technique!

Try these tips before you end up like Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones in Hope Springs!

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