22 reasons why orgasms are freakin' awesome

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It's National Orgasm Day! Also known as the best day of the year...

When harry met sally orgasm scene
Today we celebrate the Big O. It's National Orgasm Day people and to give credit to one of nature's best inventions - here are some incredible facts about everyone's favourite pleasure train...

1. No two are the same
All your orgasms are different. Some make you scream out loud, some are short and sweet – and each should be enjoyed for their individuality.

2. Orgasms relieve pain
There is evidence that hitting the big O can help cure headaches, and give pain relief from arthritis, post-surgery pain and even childbirth.

3. Condoms have no effect on them
Our little rubber friends have no bearing on the quality or quantity of your orgasms.

4. 1 in 3 can't find them
80% of women struggle to reach orgasm through vaginal intercourse alone and 1 in 3 ladies find it difficult to reach orgasm at all.

5. Ready, set, ejaculate!
Men orgasm at a speed of 28mph apparently – that's one mile faster than Usain Bolt. Unfortunately your man's little swimmers are a tad slower, only reaching a pace of 1½ inches every 15 minutes – hence why they need the big push at the start line.

6. The g-spot isn't that old
It was only discovered in the 1950s and a German gynaecologist, Ernst Gräfenberg, takes all the credit.

7. They get better with age
A good thing about ageing? Orgasms become easier to come by and happen more frequently. And that's a scientific fact.

8. Love your genitals & they'll love you back
If you are proud of your lady bits – the better quality your orgasms. Getting confident about your parts is the key to success argue some sex psychologists.

sex tips

She's celebrating National Orgasm Day - are you?

9. Women orgasm prematurely too
It's not just for fellas. A study in Portugal found 40% of women couldn't control their orgasms and often came earlier than they intended. What's in the water in Portugal?

10. Orgasms suffer a gender gap
85 per cent of men can claim to have orgasmed in their last sex session – whereas only 64% of women did. First the pay gap, now this.

11. A reason to enjoy your period
Women are more likely to orgasm when they are on their mensies – because of increased blood circulation to the area.

12. Spontaneous orgasms do exist
Women can on occasion orgasm without any touching at all. In their sleep, on a train, while getting a massage – sometimes the clitoris likes to please itself.

13. They are slow burners
The average woman can take 20 minutes to hit the sweet spot. Good things come to those who wait.


What's the rush? Enjoy the ride

14. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am
The average man on the other hand can orgasm in seven minutes from penetration to 'yeah baby.'

15. Your mind messes with them
One of the main reasons women struggle to orgasm is keeping their eye on the prize – thinking about their to do list, that argument at work, can all stop you reaching that climax.

16. Boys have g spots too
Some argue that a man's G Spot equivalent is the frenulum - a group of highly sensitized nerves just under the head of the penis.

17. They're one of the reasons people love yoga
Yogis report having orgasms mid workout – without stimulation. This is because when you do yoga, the blood vessels around your pleasure centres swell.

18. My what a lot of sperm you have
A man can expect to squeeze out 63.6 litres of sperm in his lifetime. That's a lot of load blown.

19. Orgasms don't care if you're hot
Marilyn Monroe told her doctor that she had never reached orgasm with any of her famous lovers.

20. Men need us to scream
Reportedly, men climax 59% of the time when a woman is making all the right sounds and only 2% of the time when their partner is silent.

21. Women can ejaculate really far
The farthest a woman has been recorded to ejaculate is about 3 metres.

22. And the world record goes to...
The most recorded orgasms had by a woman was a vulva shattering 134 in one hour.

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