Can social media heal relationship wounds after a difficult break-up?

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Ashley Cole has joked about rekindling his romance with Cheryl Cole on Twitter, but will she fall for it?

Cheryl Cole does plunging Balmain tux for Jingle Bell Ball

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Ashley Cole has made an idiot out of himself (again) after joking that his ex-wife Cheryl Cole will jump out of a box for his birthday. No, we are not joking.

So this got us thinking (in true Carrie Bradshaw style) whether, like the 80s Post It note, the 90s e-mail or the nougties Facebook, Twitter is the new way couples start to bury the hatchet after a difficult break-up?

Twitter gives you the chance to communicate in 140 characters - there's no room for a snarky comment and it's difficult to read into a Tweet wrong like a text or an email. Plus, ignoring a Tweet that's blatantly friendly just seems a bit pathetic.

It's the perfect option if you're prone to arguments right? It's seriously tricky to stalk someone on Twitter in the same way as Facebook, so hopefully you won't turn into an obsessive profile peeper.

One couple who managed to make a social media relationship rekindling work is Paul Hollywood and his wife Alexandra.

The pair experienced marital issues recently after it was alleged he was having a secret affair with his American Baking Competition co-judge Marcela Valladolid. His wife of 15 years, Alexandra, swiftly moved out of their shared home in May with their young son Josh, and announced she was filing for divorce.

But despite all the heartache, sadness and allegations of infidelity, Paul and Alexandra used Twitter to iron out their differences one step at a time.

After a friendly family dinner to celebrate their son's 12th birthday, Paul took the first step by @'ing his estranged wife into a friendly Tweet. She replied with a simple smiley face.

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Can talking on social media heal old relationship wounds?
Yes, it's a good opportunity to open channels of communication. 12.50%
No, it's just awkward. 62.50%
Maybe, it completely depends on the couple. 25.00%



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