This KFC Scented Candle will make chicken lovers' dreams come true

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A Kentucky Fried Chicken scented candle has us silently resisting the urge to vomit...

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© Kentucky for Kentucky

If you've been dreaming on the constant smell of KFC that will seep into your upholstery and give your house a lingering stench for life, then this is the candle for you!

The 'Fried Chicken Actual' candle by is made from actual fried chicken combined with all-natural soy wax to give you that oh so real smell.

As the website suggests, ""Let the fresh, fried sizzle of savoury golden goodness drift into your hearts and homes with one of our most delectable creations to date." Riggghtttt.

Amazingly, this isn't actually the oddest candle we've come across to date. Oh no, there's a whole world of scary scents out there and we've picked three of our *favourites*...

The bacon scented Yankee 'Man-Candle'

The clever folks at Yankee Candle have introduced a bacon scented candle that promises the "undeniably mouth-watering aroma of sizzling bacon". The quickest and easiest way to make your home smell like a greasy spoon café. Yay!

The Rewined wine-scented candle have just launched a series of wine bottle candles that mimic the flavour of your favourite bottle of vino. Pick from Merlot, Chardonnay, Champagne and a Pinot Noir. Just don't burn it the morning after the night before (if you know what we mean) because you will probably dry heave. Rewind wine candles - weird scented candles - food and drink - handbagcom


Garden Of Eden Candle

We're not 100% sure how company Drift Living can accurately assess whether they've truly captured the essence of the biblical Garden of Eden (who knows, maybe it smelt like marshmallows?), but hey ho here's a scented candle. Pick one up for £15 from

Garden of Eden scented candle - weird scented candles - gifts - food and drink -


If you know of anything even weirder do let us know on Twitter...



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