Women in work: 50 per cent of Brits wouldn't trust a woman in these jobs

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Women shouldn't be pilots or mechanics and men shouldn't be nurses. What year are we in?

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It seems we all went to bed last night and woke up in the 1950s as a new survey has revealed one in 10 people wouldn't trust a female mechanic, electrician or pilot.

In fact 3% of people admitted that if they found out a woman was flying their plane, they would point blank refuse to board or change their flight.

An additional 9% said they would fly, but would worry more than if a man was piloting the plane.

That's it, we're going back to bed.

However this isn't just about the ladies - one in five said they wouldn't trust a male nanny, 18% wouldn't want a male beauty technician and 16% wouldn't let a man deliver their baby.

As part of a sexism at work survey carried out by Worldpay Zinc, men were 14% more likely to express a sexist opinion on gender roles and jobs, and were less trustworthy women in certain jobs.

Whereas, 'women were consistently more open-minded about people's choice of profession, and were more likely to accept that a man or a woman can pursue any career they wish,' says the report.

Darn tooting.

Worryingly, at least 55% of the population across the country believe women should 'simply not do certain jobs' - going up to 70% in Wales.

Do you think there are some jobs that women and men just shouldn't do?
Yes - obviously20.45%
Only if they are physically unable to do the job - goes for both men & women47.73%
Women can do what they want, but I don't want a man near my lady bits2.27%
No - there shouldn't be barriers on careers by gender29.55%

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