London Restaurant Review: Italian wine bar & kitchen Super Tuscan

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This Italian restaurant is so good, we almost didn't tell you about it. Almost...

Super Tuscan italian restaurant london
Why go?
We're kind of reluctant to tell you about this charming Italian wine bar and kitchen – we'd rather keep it to ourselves. After all, part of its magic lies in its cosy size and tucked-away location. Just consider this our gift to you. Prego!

Super Tuscan is a class act from start to finish, offering food and drink your Italian nonna would serve, at very decent prices. Dishes are hearty and high-quality and there's a fulsome wine list to tickle your tastebuds and test your translation skills.

Along with the excellent nosh, a highlight is the service. It could have been the wine going to our heads, but we wanted to make the helpful waitress our new BFF. Give us a bowl of pasta and we're anyone's…

Take advantage of Apertetivo Hour until 7:30pm and treat yourself to a cocktail (the poli, prosecco and soda was a winner). Then move on to the wine and impress your pals by explaining how the restaurant got its name…

It turns out that the Super Tuscans were a group of forward-thinking wine makers from Chianti who started making wine in the '60s using unauthorised grape varieties and non-traditional oak barrels for ageing.

Like the Steve Jobs of the alcohol world, their resulting wines were an international success and are considered to be some of the finest wines produced in Italy.

You'll spot them on the menu at the higher end of the price spectrum, but we suggest saving them for a special occasion – there are plenty of other, less-expensive options on offer.

Small glasses are available from a ridiculously reasonable £2.95, going up to a splashier £10, while you can grab a great bottle for £20.

We started with a glass of light Rosso Piceno 'Bacchus' which tasted like strawberries, followed by an incredibly smooth and fruity Negroamaro – the liquid equivalent of Ryan Gosling giving our throat a bit of a smooch.

Try a selection of sharing plates – priced around the £4 mark. We drooled over a plump ball of creamy burrata with tomatos, and fell face-first into a creamy and delicious bowl of cannelini beans with olive oil.

If you've never tried authentic Italian pizza before, we'd recommend the Pizetta della Casa. Spicy, stonebaked and uber-fresh, it was a world away from Pizza Hut.

We followed up with a heavenly dish of tortelloni ai funghi – creamy filled pasta topped with bucket-loads of parmesan and lemon. Perfetto!

Save room for a pud of cannoli – we promise you won't regret it.

The lowdown
A selection of sharing plates, plus two glasses of wine and two cocktails £60

Super Tuscan, 8A Artillery Passage, 
E1 7LJ
020 7247 8717,



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