The facts about women getting toned not bulky

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When working out, a lot of women worry about how to get toned and lean without getting too muscular and bulky. So are there things to avoid, foods to eat, or is it a misconception?

If you're a fan of the gym and working out, you'll likely be past the stage of specifically trying to lose weight and on to a mission to tone up.

Whether you're trying to get the abs of your dreams or a perfectly pert bottom, there is a big fear amongst ladies that too much of certain types of exercise will make you big and muscular.

How much of this is true and what can you do to prevent it?

Women don't build muscle like men

Often, women who work out with their boyfriend or enjoy training with weights, find themselves worrying about getting as bulky as the men around them.

However, what is important to remember is that men and women have different metabolic and hormonal processes.

Virgin Active's senior fitness manager Steve Whittle explains, "Muscle growth is linked to the amount of testosterone in your body - males have 7/8 times more.

It is actually difficult for women to build up large muscles."

Henry Cavill works out

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You will never be as buff as Henry Cavill for instance

Everyone is different

Nutritionist Emma Wright Boycott explained to us that unfortunately there is no one answer for muscle development in women.

"Everybody is different so it is hard to say how much is too much in terms of exercise.

You are the best judge of this – ask yourself questions such as how fast do you put on muscle, how efficiently do you burn fat, and how efficiently do you process food etc.

Keep tabs on your routine and tweak where you need to," she said.

protein shake - are protein powders - supplements good for you -

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Check out the facts about protein shakes before diving in for increased muscle tone

Think about your diet

If you are doing lots of weight training it is particularly important to try and eat protein as soon as possible afterwards so your muscles can start to repair themselves.

This is where protein shakes can come in handy.

However, obviously, if your muscles are building, using protein you're taking in, don't go eating six steaks after the gym if you don't want to develop big muscles.

That said, avoiding it out of fear of bulking up will not work. You will prevent toning and end up with seriously achey muscles.

Protein rich breakfasts



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