Top 10 quick tips for a pre summer detox

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Looking for simple yet effective ways to detox your body for the summer? Follow these 10 tips and get yourself in shape ready for the beach season.

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Winter has left us so it is time to stop treating your body like a dustbin for pies, gravy and wine. It was fun while it lasted.

If your insides feel sludgy and grey, go on a health boosting detox to get your skin, body and mind tuned up before summer.

The name of the game here is not weight loss, it is all about cleansing, cleaning, revitalising (and if losing a few pounds is an unintentional side affect, we won't be writing any complaint letters).

We ambushed Elizabeth Montgomery, a London-based Holistic Nutritional Therapist who has been studying nutrition, Eastern medicines, and healing practices for many years.

Here are her top tips...

10 quick ways to detox your body before summer

  1. First thing in the morning, squeeze the juice of fresh lemon into a glass of water to gently assist the liver in detoxification.

  2. Reduce congesting culprit foods such as wheat, dairy and soya.

  3. Drink organic green vegetable juices: Internal toxicity equals high levels of acidity. Green juices are important for their high chlorophyll content, and at the centre of each chlorophyll molecule is a magnesium ion.

    Magnesium is a very alkalising mineral and helps to neutralise acidity in the blood and tissues. Furthermore, juicing helps the body to 'pre-digest' vegetables into the system. This is important because it still enables the digestive tract to rest, and yet ensures that most of the nutrients are absorbed.

  4. Add cleansing and liver supporting herbs during detoxes, such as milk thistle or dandelion.

  5. Exercise! This is key when it comes to detoxification. It enhances circulation, lymph flow, cellular oxygenation, along with releasing numerous toxins through the sweat glands.

    Power walking in nature, or short intensive interval training circuits, help to fast track fat reduction and thus eliminate stored toxicity.

  6. Add garlic and ginger to salads and juices for their anti-bacterial and cleansing properties.

  7. Swap acidic black coffee for green tea which is much lower in caffeine, full of antioxidants and is great for liver support.

  8. Add the superfood Chlorella to juices or smoothies during a detox. This powerful green algae helps to remove toxins from the body including heavy metals like mercury. It's also great for the liver.

  9. Take a detoxifying bath. Add in a couple of handfuls of epsom salts, soak for 20 minutes and get into bed. This often induces the body into a sweat which helps to pull toxins out through the skin.

  10. Go to bed early. Sleep is vital for aiding the body in its ability to repair itself - which is vital during a detox. Aim to get at least 8 hours of quality sleep a night.

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