How to boost your energy levels with nutrition

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An expert provides their must abide by rules for keeping those energy levels up all day long.

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It is 4pm and you can not stop yawning at your desk - what is a girl to do?

We asked expert Elizabeth Montgomery, a London-based Holistic Nutritional Therapist, to give us her never fail tips for keeping energy levels high all day long.


  • "When it comes to sustaining energy, skipping breakfast is not an option. Having a good breakfast is key for balancing blood sugar. Aim to include of a protein component to help slow down the glycemic response (sugar release) in the body. Say goodbye to those sugary cereals!

  • Make certain all meals and snacks include some good quality protein to prevent blood sugar dips (think nuts, seeds, pulses or goats cheese). Hemp powder and rice protein powder are the 'new kids on the block' and make a great protein addition to smoothies, soups and drinks.

  • Aim for a variety of organic alkalising seasonal vegetables with plenty of greens. Most Vegetables give nourishment without creating blood sugar spikes (careful with starchy potatoes).

  • Be sure to include raw foods into your diet. Raw foods are bursting with life force energy and enzymes, which are destroyed during the cooking process. Eating raw foods means that the body doesn't have to use a lot of energy to produce digestive enzymes for the digestive process; resulting in more energy available for daily activities.

    A good way to introduce a raw component into your day is by having a green vegetable juice as snack. Green juices are very low glycemic and won't spike blood sugar levels. Add in key superfoods like chlorella or spirulina, for an additional protein boost."

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"Drink 6-8 glasses of pure water daily for fatigue prevention, hydration and adrenal health. Decrease the caffeine, bump out the alcohol (big adrenal stressors) and go for vegetable juices (fruit juices spike blood sugar) and herbal teas instead."


"There are many types of energising exercise we can all do. As little as 30 minutes of 4 times a week can add years to your life.

Try power walking in nature, yoga, dancing or interval training. It doesn't matter so long as you move your body and enjoy it!"

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"A good way to take stress off of the adrenals and the body/mind/spirit complex is to find time to meditate on a daily basis. The body and breath are very interconnected, and when we meditate on gentle rhythmic breathing for as little as 10 minutes a day, it can have profound effects on stress reduction and our overall well-being.

A simple 10 minute meditation:
Sit comfortably with legs uncrossed and spine straight. Take a few deep breaths, in and out, then slowly adjust the breath to a gentle rhythmic manner. Simply focus on the air passing in and out of the tip of your nose. Keeping ones attention on the gentleness of the in breath, and sensation at the end of the nose. When you find the mind wandering, just gently bring it back to the breathing, in and out of the tip of the nose. Try this for 10 minutes a day, and notice a sense of calm and difference in how you feel as you go about the day."

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