Get healthy with a diet like Jessica Alba

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Jessica Alba is a proud vegan, but you don't have to give up meat to copy some of her healthy diet habits. We've spoken to her personal trainer - ready to make some changes?

Jessica Alba has been food shopping in LA and we've been snooping into her healthy diet and routine.

We also spoke to her personal trainer Ramona Braganza about the celebrity diet she suggests.

Protein rich smoothies

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Jessica was snapped taking a swig from a shake bottle, and whether its green juice or a peanut smoothie, you can be sure there's protein involved.

Speaking to Ramona she explained, "A lot of times you'll have fruit juice, it's very high in sugar, high in calories, raises your blood sugar levels.

When you add protein to it, it kind of easily raises it, it doesn't go spiking up and down and the benefit of protein is that you're adding to muscle building all day long."

She recommends Everything But The Cow's new soya protein drink as it's 'easier on the stomach' than synthetic powders and whey protein.

Natural sugars

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We all know how bad refined sugar is, so what's the deal with natural sugars? Jessica Alba loves fruit, is this allowed?

Ramona explained, "Fruit sugar is fine. You could have fruit sugars, you could eat fruit all day long but no ones interested in that…

Working with Jessica, she knew I liked chocolate, so she would get me a piece of chocolate dessert and she'd have one bite and pass the rest to me knowing I'd eat the whole thing.

So, if [like Jessica] you can have a very small amounts it's ok, it's more if you have it everyday."


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Look at Alba, grabbing for the kale.

We're always being told about the superfoods to fill our diet with.

Whether it's a veggie selection of kale, broccoli and spinach, or the best thing since chia seeds, some foods are a grade above.

Green juices for example won't spike blood sugar levels and if you add in key superfoods like chlorella or spirulina you get an extra protein boost.

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Everything But The Cow soya protein and real fruit shakes are available now nationwide at Holland & Barrett for £2.49.

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