The 'diet friendly' food that is secretly unhealthy

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Sorting out a healthy diet and fitness plan can be hard, especially when low-fat, low-calorie options are secretly full of sugar. Time to wise up and check how much of these you're having.

We hate to depress everyone with the sugar is the enemy campaign, but the impact it has on an apparently healthy diet is undeniable.

Some people have gone so far as to cut it out entirely, one scientist even argued that it should be classified as a drug.

Robert Lustig outlined, "there are four things that have to be met in order to consider a substance worthy of regulation.

  1. Ubiquity — you can't get rid of it, it's everywhere.

  2. Toxicity — it has to hurt you.

  3. Abuse.

  4. Externalities, which means it has a negative impact on society"

With new suggestions that adults should have no more than six teaspoons per day, you may want to watch out for these guys...

Greek yogurt with a drizzle of honey

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Low-fat yoghurt

Sadly, just because you get rid of the fat, that doesn't mean you're eliminating weight gain.

The problem with sugar, is simply how much we consume compared to how much we burn off.

Activia Vanilla zero fat yogurt for example has 10g of sugar in one little pot. Under new recommendations that would be nearly half of the RDA.

This isn't exclusive to flavoured yogurt either - fat free natural yogurt is about the same amount.

Liver cleanse juice Kelly Brook detox

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Fruit juices are jam packed with sugar.

Those with added sugars are of course much worse, but unfortunately there is just a lot of the sweet stuff naturally forming in fruit.

Even green juice can be a bit of a con - we investigated and found Naked Juice's 450ml Green Machine bottle contained 58g.

If you want to have a really healthy juice, stick to veg and make it yourself.

Oatmeal porridge


Cereal is another product marketed as the healthy option in the morning, but don't be fooled.

When it comes to granola, think about what is binding those little nuggets - sugar.

Jordans Cruchy Oat Granola for example has 12.4g of sugar in a 45g serving. Unfortunately most of us eat more than 45g.

Pre-packaged, flavoured porridge sachets are also a sneaky one - Golden Syrup Oats So Simple comes in at 16g per sachet.

Rice Krispie wedding cake

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Flavoured rice cakes

We all know that rice cakes are a great diet snack, however when you make them a little more interesting with flavours it often defeats the point.

Snack a Jacks caramel are nearly 4g per big rice cake or 9g for a packet of little ones.

It's no can of coke but you still should't trick yourself into thinking they're zero impact food.

oat bars

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Breakfast bars

Like granola, breakfast bars are full of binding sugar goodness.

They're also often full of dried fruits which send the sugar content up again.

9 Bar Breakfast for instance has 15g per 50g bar.

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