The best real snacks you can actually eat on a diet

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When it comes to dieting, cutting out snacks can feel impossible. So, here are five of the best real snacks - from crisps to biscuits - that you can still eat and lose weight.

Cutting out those between meals treats can be the hardest thing about being on a diet, so we've rounded up the best real snacks that you can eat without feeling too guilty.

Because, sometimes, nuts and seeds can do one.

Also, when trying to lose weight it is important to remember that forbidding yourself all pleasures is a one way ticket to giving up.

So, what 'naughty' foods can you still eat (within reason)?


Snacks you can eat on a diet - twiglets -

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Twiglets are by far the best of all crispy things. They are baked not fried, and contain 41% of your daily wholegrain recommendation (per 25g serving)

They've also got a healthy dose of B-vitamins and are low in saturated fat.

Jaffa Cakes

Snacks you can eat on a diet - jaffa cakes -

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Are they a cake or a biscuit? Perhaps they are in a magical middle ground that allows them to have only 48 calories and 1g fat.

Sadly, of course they are packed with sugar, but if you need a sweet fix, they are a good option compared to a chocolate HobNob.

Cheese Strings

Snacks you can eat on a diet - cheese strings -

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In general super processed foods are a bit of a no-no, but if you're in the market for a savoury snack and have a bit of a cheese tooth, you could do worse.

Compared with a similar 20g serving of cheddar, Cheese Strings have almost half the saturated fat at 2.9g and the whole thing is only 63 calories.

Also, hurrah! No sugar.

Rich Tea biscuits

Snacks you can eat on a diet - rich teas -

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The biggest challenge with Rich Teas is obviously portion control - we could eat about 10 in one cup of tea.

If you can curb your enthusiasm, one biscuit only has 1.6g of sugar, 0.1g of saturated fat and comes in at 38 calories.

Dark Chocolate

Snacks you can eat on a diet - dark chocolate -

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Dark chocolate has long been touted as the diet loophole.

It should be low in fat and sugar and is proven to help against disease, and for most, you can eat a lot less before becoming satisfied.

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