The fitness secrets to know from Miranda Kerr's trainer

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Justin Gelband is the personal trainer to Victoria's Secret models, Sports Illustrated cover girls and Miranda Kerr alike. Here's what you need to know...

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Only one man can claim to have been hands on with Miranda Kerr, Irina Shayk, Scarlett Johansson and most of the Victoria's Secret models' bodies. No, sit down Adam Levine, we're taking about personal trainer Justin Gelband.

The trainer and founder of ModelFit has just launched his own studio in New York and has shared his rules for the holy grail of fitness: getting a body like a Victoria's Secret model.

Grab yourself a green juice and listen carefully...

Don't do workouts like a man

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"When I moved to LA, I was watching all of these men training women like men, and it was driving me crazy because women's bodies are 100 percent different than men's, period," he told Fashionista.

"Your structure is different. Your physicality is different. Your minds are different. Your goals and objectives are different, so how are you going to be the best that you can with your own body if a man is training you just like he would a man?"

You can't just eat what you want

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"We also don't promote the idea that you can work out for two hours a day and eat whatever you want," explains Vanessa Packer, a holistic nutrition specialist who works with Gelband.

"We're very much about being mindful about your body - like what you put into it, how you work it and the exercises you do."

Don't ignore the small muscles

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It's not just about your 'abs' in general. It is important to focus on the little things and build up from a foundation.

Gelband explains, "if you use the smaller intrinsic muscles and use the movements by really feeling what you're doing, you will be able to get the results that you want."

Pay attention to your workout form

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"I'm so form-posture oriented, people have to do the exercise properly," Gelband says.

"No one is perfect, but to do something totally wrong that's going to hurt you, it just doesn't make any sense...People don't care about how to form or how the exercise is performed, and to me that's more important than anything else."

Getting the body of your dreams takes time

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"Irina, Candice, Erin, Miranda, Behati and Lily - all the girls that I have been working with over time to build my career - it took us three months to build their foundations and another three to six months to really get them on to be where they're at," Gelband explains.

You mean there is no quick fix? Bugger.

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