Top 10 stress busting tips

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Some simple life adjustments could help you keep your cool in tough situations...

Getting stressed at work or at home is part of everyday life, but it's how you cope with it that counts.

So if you constantly find yourself needing to unwind, follow these relaxing tips to deal with anxiety, by Dr Katie Tyron, head of Clinical Vitality at PruHealth.

1. Make friends with yourself

Give yourself the same treatment and advice you would give a friend in the same situation.

Turn your internal critical voice around by focusing on your positive aspects.

2. Find the middle ground

Keep the situation in perspective and avoid imagining extreme outcomes.

3. Chill out

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Do something that relaxes you such as meditating, having a warm bath, practicing positive relaxation imagery, listening to music, getting enough sleep or even just breathing deeply and watching your posture.

4. Learn to say no

Be assertive and protect your own legitimate rights while respecting those of others.

Avoid saying 'yes' from a fear of not being liked or attempting to live up to unrealistic expectations and learn how to communicate in a relaxed and honest manner to avoid taking on other people's responsibilities.

5. Exercise more

Exercise can improve your mental health, self esteem and self image, so go for a walk, practice yoga, dance, run, go to the gym.

6. Eat yourself well

People who feel unhealthy are less able to cope with stress and some foods and drinks such as a high caffeine intake can increase stress.

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7. Get a massage

Soothe away your stress with a massage.

Your muscles carry tension and by releasing it you can feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.

8. Time management

Manage your time effectively to reduce stress at home and in the workplace and free up more time to relax.

9. Social connection

Reach out and ensure you have social support networks in place.

Talking to supportive friends or colleagues can help put events into perspective and may even help you laugh which is a great stress reliever!

10.Take action

Deal with stress constructively. Cognitive behavioural therapy or counselling has been proven to be very effective.

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