Motivational tips for London Marathon training

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It's the final push to the London Marathon - don't give up now.

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If you are running in the London Marathon this year, everyone at salutes you. But if the final push towards the starting line is testing you, we're here to pre-emptively wave banners and shout, "come on - you can do it!"

Leading fitness expert, Greg Sellar, has a few ideas tucked in his trainers to keep your spirits up.

How to keep motivated for the London marathon

"It's inevitable that at some point during your marathon training, motivation levels suffer.

Don't be alarmed, it's a process every runner, and more so new runners will experience. The main thing is to get your focus back quickly and remember the task at hand. Here are a few things that will help you stay on track..."

Get a running buddy

By having someone there to help you when the going gets tough is immeasurable.

By setting a meeting time and place for each run, you're in effect creating a contract between you and your running partner that you'll be there no matter what.

Watch some running films

Watching running movies (for example Chariots of Fire or Without Limits) is great for marathon motivation.

Find something that connects with you emotionally and you will find that your intensity and desire will grow to where you don't just want to achieve your goal, you have to achieve your goal.

Let others know of your marathon plans

The sense of not letting those close to you down is a powerful motivational tool.

When your family, social networks and friends know of your plans, they'll be more understanding of your training regimes and need for both emotional and physical support.

In the final month of your marathon training, the approach should focus on recovery from a hard marathon-training schedule and rest to ready yourself to be your best on race day.

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