5 ways to eat a lot on holiday without putting on weight

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You've worked so hard to look bikini body ready, so don't throw in the towel just yet...

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If you've been following your own #bikinibodyblitz in time for some summer sun, you're probably imagining all that ice cream, cake and rich food when you finally hit the resort.

But if you've worked so hard to lose weight for your summer holiday, do you really want to go and put it all back on again? Wouldn't you rather eat your fill, enjoy yourself and keep your celebrity bikini body?

Yep, we thought so! Here are our top five tips to help you steer clear of excessive calories and maintain some of your hard-earned weight loss on holiday.

1. Swap chocolate ice cream for iced lollies

If it's your third ice cream run of the day, swap one of those full-fat cones for a fruity iced lolly. A Calipo contains roughly 102 calories, while a Twister contains 87.

Compare that to a Magnum with 260 calories and it's obvious which one you should be chowing down on.

2. Stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables

The glorious weather in most summer holiday locations means there's ample fresh vegetables and fruit to choose from.

If you're at an all-inclusive resort, make sure you start your meal with a generous salad with tomato, avocado, leaves and a dash of mozzarella. If you're choosing a dessert, opt for a fresh fruit salad with your sponge cake instead of cream or ice cream.

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3. Stay active

When you're splashing about in the pool, do a few extra lengths to burn off a few calories. If you're on the beach, get up and take a walk around every hour to keep your body active.

There are ways to keep up an exercise regime on holiday without having to do sweaty morning jogs!

4. Don't eat too late

Follow the principles of the 8 Hour Diet and only eat within a portion of the day.

With the hot sun and ample grub you'll probably be tempted to pig out from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed, but that will only make you full, bloated and lethargic.

Try and eat within an 8-hour window when possible to give your body chance to recover and digest all that rich food.

5. Be careful what you're drinking

Fruit-juice based cocktails and creamy Baileys cocktails are packed full of calories, so try swapping to vodka, lime and soda drinks when you can.

The same goes for in the daytime when you're lounging by the pool - steer clear of pints of orange juice and stick to squash, water or soda.

Tummy bloating foods you should avoid

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