8 tips for avoiding dehydration & boosting your water intake

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It's not always easy to be, like, totally fabulous 24/7. But while we'll make time for a monthly bikini wax or a laborious ombre-ing session at the hairdresser, there's something even simpler that many of us are forgetting, or failing, to do every day - and that's getting our recommended eight glasses of water.

Eight glasses is all it takes to look and feel awesome. Not only does water quietly regulate your body temperature, boost your digestive system (that means no more indigestion or constipation) and keep you at low risk from yeast or urinary infections, but it can also keep you looking fly.

The key is avoiding dehydration. For starters, this can cause water retention, making you look puffy and feel uncomfortable. (Did someone say cankles?) In addition, dehydrated skin loses elasticity and has a dry, flaky appearance and texture, as well as skin irritation like eczema. Not good. Meanwhile, well-hydrated skin looks firm, fresh and plump (in a good way).

So how can you trick yourself into getting the eight glasses of water a day that doctor's recommend?

1. Eat it
Fruits and vegetables contain huge amounts of water in proportion to their weight - watermelon, tomatoes, grapefruit, celery, and broccoli contain at least 90 per cent. Interestingly, even dairy products like yogurt are up to 85 percent water depending on the fat content, while fish, and seafood are about 70 per cent. With this principle in mind, make soup your friend. Veg + Water = Winning.

2. Replace fizzy drinks with sparkling water
While it's true that all beverages count toward your daily tally, the sugar in cola (as well as the chemicals in diet versions) can cause blood sugar to spike. Sparkling water still has that tingliness your tongue craves, but none of the sugary stickiness.

3. Get a fun water bottle
Appeal to your inner child and treat yourself to a funky water bottle. If you have something you like using, you're more likely to use it - see? The benefit of a bottle is that it's easy to track how much you're drinking. Keep in on your desk, in the car, or by your bed and swig every time you remember.

4. Get creative
Don't like the taste of water? Make an infusion by adding fruits, herbs or honey to it. A few strawberries and a handful of mint in a jug of water is fresh and summery, while sliced lemon is a zingy pick-me-up.

5. Set yourself a challenge
It's better to drink small amounts of water throughout the day rather than gulping a load down at once. Set yourself the goal of drinking a certain amount every hour - this is where it can be helpful to have a water bottle that helps you keep track. If you're seriously committed, make yourself a chart to keep a tally. Reward yourself with more water.

6. Make it a 'thing'
In the same way you might get up from your desk to make a cup of tea (and have a little chinwag with a colleague in the kitchen while you're at it) use drinking water as a way to take a screen break. Get up, stretch your legs and enjoy a lovely glass of water. Mmm, hydrating!

7. Don't ditch the coffee
Researchers are a bit conflicted about the role of caffeinated beverages in the quest to stay hydrated. While coffee is a diuretic (which cause you to pee more frequently) newer studies say that the benefits of drinking any liquid outweighs the negatives. Still, try to limit yourself to three cups a day.

8. Embrace chia seeds
The latest superfood could help you with hydration. In addition to being high in protein, chia seeds help you to retain water by absorbing many times their own weight in water. Sprinkle some on your cereal or add to fresh smoothies. Try not to get them stuck in your teeth.

9. Drink pickle juice
OK, so it's not water, but it is good for you. Sort of. Want to rehydrate quickly? If you're not totally grossed out, have a swig of pickle juice. Studies have shown that pickles are higher in electrolytes than sports drinks like lucozade, meaning they're a better bet for you after activities that cause excess sweating. Who knows, it could become the next big thing on the bar scene.



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