Life skills: How to get drunk on a diet

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Alcohol is full of empty calories. We know the drill - but life without wine is just not worth living.

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When it comes to diets, we all know that alcohol is full of empty calories. But we just love it too much, what is a girl to do?

With 7 calories per gram, the number of calories in alcohol is second after fat (9 cals per gram). That means it is bad, really bad.

But fear not booze hounds - there is good news. You can go out on the lash and not completely ruin your diet...

What can you drink on a diet?


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1. Don't drink beer

At over 180 calories for an average pint - it's the equivalent of eating two thirds of a Twix with every pint, and is packed with carbs. Just say no.

2. Say hello to slim line tonic

Slimline tonic is your best friend. For a gin and slim it's a calorie counting friendly 56 calories for a single (112 for a double).

Vodka and slimline tonic? Why that's 58 for a single. Drink away people.

3. Have a healthy meal

Only fools go out on the lash on an empty stomach. Have a big healthy dinner before your big night out and it will help you resist those late night kebabs.

4. Avoid the cocktail menu

Packed with fruit juices, sugar, cream - cocktails are not a dieters friend. Did you know a long island iced tea can have around 700 calories in it? Meanwhile getting caught in the rain with a pina colada will cost you 380 calories.

If you can't resist, go for a martini or ask for a mojito without the sugar (just soda, lime, mint and rum - about 100 calories a shot), or opt for those made with diet fizzy drinks or soda.

5. Clear is good

As a general rule of thumb, clear liquids good, coloured liquids bad. Not only are they generally higher in calories, but they are the worst for hangovers. Top science fact.

6. Watch the snacks

Like eating ham out the fridge, those little nibbles of peanuts and crisps all add up.

7. Can you drink shots?

Avoid anything sugary, syrupy, or cream based. If you're going to do it - go hard with pure spirits.

8. Follow the glass of water rule

We all know it, but no one does it. Drinking a glass of water between each drink massively reduces your hangover and therefore your McDonald's breakfast binge eating habit.

9. Sugary drinks make you hungry

Not only do sugar laded drinks pile on the calorie count, but the spike in blood sugar will actually make you hungry and have you reaching for the snacks.

10. Red or white wine?

White wine is marginally better than red in calories - but only by about 7 calories a glass. You burn that off raising a sneering eyebrow.

Instead, pick dryer wines over sweet ones as they will have a lower sugar content. Also doctors say red wine has many good heart healthy properties which is a green light to drunk town in our books.




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