Tips for how to choose a workout and stick to it

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Summer is round the corner, you want to get find a workout that will get you fit AND you won't give up on. These tips from the fitness gurus at Les Mills will find you just that.

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We got to experience 'the future of fitness' at the hands of workout gurus Les Mills and Reebok and got some sure fire tips to ensure you find the fitness regime that works for you.

38% of the public want to exercise but can't find the right workout for them.

Well, if you are one of these people, take a read of these tips and find the thing that you finally stick to.

1. Make working out social

As social animals, most people respond very positively to working out with other people.

It has been found that you do 4 times more exercise when compared to working alone.

You are also much less likely to give up. From our personal experience this is based mostly on motivation and a touch of shame.

2. Aim for fun not obsession

Les Mills explains that the biggest thing that will help people stick to fitness is fun.

Put simply, you're not going to quit something you enjoy.

He also believes that this can mean that workouts like BEAT that monitor heart rate can be helpful to some but only if you are able to avoid obsessing over the numbers.

Of course we don't all like the same things, so don't force yourself to go running just because your friend loves it.

Find what you love.

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3. Vary your activities

One of the key changes in people's attitudes has been the eagerness to have a variety of workouts.

Not only is this a more effective way to lose weight and get fit, it also keeps you interested.

Why not try kickboxing one night a week with a dynamic yoga class on another day?

It's when you get bored that things become a chore.

5. Don't stop going outside

If you love the outdoors, don't let your desire to get involved in a class stop you from seeing some nature.

You can either find a bootcamp type class at your local park, or mix your gym visits with runs or bike rides.

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6. Build a relationship with your trainer

If you are going to a class, a friendship with your trainer will help you maintain commitment.

They will learn what helps motivate you and you will feel like you want to achieve more because they know how far you've come.

Also as ever, it makes it more fun.

6. Music works

There's a reason there's music in every workout class.

Finding motivation and rhythm in your tunes is a sure fire way to stick with something.

Lots of spinning classes harness music perfectly -hill climbs have never been so satisfying.

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Les Mills The Trip

None do this more than Les Mills The Trip, their latest 'immersive' approach to fitness.

Sadly not available in gyms just yet, we promise it will be worth the wait.

With a giant LED screens taking you through TRON-like computer game scenarios, they really have harnessed the fun side of fitness.



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